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Founder of Empowered Physical Therapy

I founded Empowered Physical Therapy because I believe individuals with neurologic conditions should have the opportunity to receive excellent specialized care.  I believe that therapy and wellness go beyond stretching bands and lifting weights.  It incorporates how we move, what we interact with, and the autonomy we have to make decisions for ourselves.  It involves creating a safe space where individuals aren't afraid of being judged, hurried, or coerced.  I believe in providing quality care that focuses on human needs and desires, unfettered by the whims of insurance referrals, authorizations, and wait times.


This company is for individuals with the hunger and motivation to do hard things in order to conquer their goals.  This company is for those who understand the importance of intensity, repetition, and active engagement to make changes in the brain.  This company is for those seeking a collaborator, a coach, a teammate to match their commitment to gaining back what was lost.


There is no disability, condition, or diagnosis that takes away your right to quality of life.  At Empowered Physical Therapy we strive to empower you with the ability to live your life at its fullest.


Twyla Evano, PT

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Board Certified Specialist for Neurologic Physical Therapy